Neue HESSE by DURMA HD-FO 3kW Laserschneidmaschine

neue HESSE by DURMA HD-FO 3kW Laserschneidmaschine
neue HESSE by DURMA HD-FO 3kW Laserschneidmaschine
neue HESSE by DURMA HD-FO 3kW Laserschneidmaschine Bild 2
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Typ:  Laserschneidmaschine
Nettogewicht:  6600 kg
Standort:  Österreich Wiener Neudorf
Anzeigendatum:  30.03.2024
Angebotsnummer des Händlers:  1069-1808
Zustand:  neu

Weitere Informationen — Neue HESSE by DURMA HD-FO 3kW Laserschneidmaschine

Zustand neu
Lieferzeit ca. 12 Wochen ab Auftrags
Laserleistung 3 kW
Manueller Tisch / Wechseltisch Manueller Tisch
Schneidbereich 3.048 x 1.530 mm
X-Achse 3048 mm
Y-Achse 1530 mm
Z-Achse 125 mm
Max. Blechtafel 3.048 x 1.524 mm
Max. Geschwindigkeit X-Achse 90 m/min
Max. Geschwindigkeit Y-Achse 90 m/min
Max. Simultangeschwindigkeit 127 m/min
Positioniergenauigkeit +/- 0,05 mm
Wiederholgenauigkeit +/- 0,05 mm
Gewicht 6600 kg
ca. 12 Wochen ab Auftrags
183700 €
3618.89 €
3 kW
Manueller Tisch
16 mm
8 mm
8 mm
5 mm
8 mm
3.048 x 1.530 mm
3048 mm
1530 mm
125 mm
3.048 x 1.524 mm
127 kg/m²
90 m/min
90 m/min
127 m/min
14 m/s²
+/- 0,05 mm
+/- 0,05 mm
6600 kg

The HD-FO is our compact entry-level model. Control, laser source and cooling are integrated into the systemto keep the overall dimensions as small as possible.
The manually extendable table is moved out of the side of the machine for loading and unloading.
The cutting head has automatic focus adjustment.
This makes the system a particularly economical, fast and very easy to operate production machine.

The system consists of the following components:
Manual loading and unloading table
Encapsulated cutting room with protective glazing
CNC graphic control with touchscreen
Laser source IPG YLR
Cutting head with automatic focus adjustment
Integrated cooling unit for cutting head and laser source
CAD/CAM software LANTEK for programming including autonesting
Positioning laser
Sheet check system (automatic detection of sheet position and dimensions)
Automatic nozzle cleaning
Slug box
Working area lighting
Multi-chamber suction system
Remote maintenance access
Equipped according to CE guidelines


Lenght of Guiding Machine:
5.600 mm

Width of Guiding Machine:
2.700 mm

Height of Guiding Machine:
2.130 mm

Height of Guiding Machine when loading door are open:
2.725 mm

Length of exhausting unit:
2.500 mm

Width of exhausting unit:
1.400 mm

Dimensions according to layout plan
8.500 x 5.500 mm

exhaust unit with filters€ 9.500,-
shuttle table for simultaneous loading/unloading and cutting to reduce the secondary processing time € 24.280,-
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