Sany SY215C Kettenbagger

Sany SY215C Kettenbagger
Sany SY215C Kettenbagger
Sany SY215C Kettenbagger Bild 2
Sany SY215C Kettenbagger Bild 3
Sany SY215C Kettenbagger Bild 4
Sany SY215C Kettenbagger Bild 5
Sany SY215C Kettenbagger Bild 6
Sany SY215C Kettenbagger Bild 7
Sany SY215C Kettenbagger Bild 8
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23.000 $
≈ 21.550 €
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Marke:  Sany
Modell:  SY215C
Typ:  Kettenbagger
Baujahr:  2020
Standort:  Südafrika Vosburg
Anzeigendatum:  05.04.2024
Machineryline ID:  UK39423
Zustand:  gebraucht

Weitere Informationen — Sany SY215C Kettenbagger

Our company is a professional company that specializes in selling all kinds of second-hand construction machinery and equipment. Including the second-hand cranes, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, rollers, graders, truck cranes ,forklifts, etc. We have rich experience in export trade to Southeast Asia ,Africa, Europe, the Middle East, etc. Export customers, such as commodity inspection, customs declaration, customs clearance, shipping, export tax agency service will also be provided. uses our best service to warmly welcome you to come to discuss the contact. Business hours, 24 hours, holidays and Sundays
Product Description
1.Original parts
2.Flexible working skills and low fuel consumption
3.Powerful engine
4.Good hydraulic system
5.Original paint and no oil leakage
6.All pictures taken from existing machine
7.Excellent working condition.

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